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Virtual reality dream is dying

The Outline

The virtual reality dream is dying (The Outline)

VR was supposed to be a revolution, with companies like Oculus pioneering a whole new way for gamers and non-gamers alike to be immersed in digital environments — but that excitement has markedly cooled, writes Joshua Topolsky. Topolsky blames the cumbersome hardware: “In my opinion — as someone who watched this new generation of virtual reality emerge from the earliest days, and was one of its biggest fans — VR adoption will only happen when the barrier to entry is akin to slipping on a pair of sunglasses (and even then it’s no sure thing). Most people don’t want to wear a bulky headset, even in private, there’s no must have ‘killer app’ for VR, and no one has made a simple plug-and-play option that lets a novice user engage casually.”

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