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Ouverte ou fortresse

Ms. Le Pen and Mr. Macron represent a repudiation of the current political status quo. A victory for Mr. Macron would be evidence that liberalism still appeals to europeans. A victory for Ms. Le Pen would make France poorer, more insular and nastier. Is she pulls France out of the euro it would trigger a financial crisis and doom a union that has promoted peace and prosperity in Europe for six decades. Putin would love that. Ms. Le Pen party has received an important loan from a Russian bank and Mr. Macron organization has suffered more than 4000 hacking attacks. Polls show Ms Le Pen is winning the first round but losing the run-off, but anything could happen and polls where not accurate in relation to Brexit and Mr. Trump. France has shaken the world before. It could do so again...

From The Economist (France's next revolution)

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