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    My professional experience consists of a rich mixture of top management positions in private and public companies, including various successful and innovative start up ventures in several regions of the world. I have also been involved in the restructuring and relaunching of existing businesses. Additionally, I have provided valuable strategic and financial consulting services as well as assisted in international expansion strategy and operations.

    Mentor, implementer, strategist, team builder, challenging start up experience, sales and profit oriented, M&A International experience, On and off line media expertise, Strategic and financial planning for new ventures, Innovation developer, Business reshaper, Strong international network


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    Independent Advisor






    Intelectium - 'The Business Acceleration Company'


    Jan 2007 – Feb 2009


    Innovative growth oriented management consulting

    MediasatGroup S.A.

    Chairman and CEO 

    Jan 2006 – Jan 2007


    Strategic decisions, value proposition redefinition, restructuring, ERP and CRM implementation,day to day run

    Metro International

    Executive International Vicepresident 

    Apr 2003 – May 2005


    In charge of supporting the CEO in his duties related to each country, operations and more specifically CEO for S. Europe and Latin America and for Iberian Peninsula. Member of the Board of Metro France and Metro Portugal

    Metro News S.L

    Managing Director 

    2002 – 2005


    Run the whole business nd support other geographical areas like Sweden.

    Metro International, London (UK)

    Executive International Vicepresident 

    1997 – 2005


    Number two in seniority among organization. In charge of Latam and S. Europe. Push sales and orgnziation

    Spanish Argentinean Chamber of Commerce

    President and Founder 

    Jan 1989 – Sep 1991


    As Chairman of the Chamber I was in charge of all relations with authorities and top executives in the business sectors in both countries. Also in charge of exploring developing new trade avenues

    La Ley Actualidad

    Chairman and CEO 

    Jan 1978 – Sep 1990


    Start up and funded the initial operation. Built up an excellent management team who after became entrepreneurs. First in launching a legal data base on CD ROM in the world in July 1987. Leading legal publishing company in S. Europe.

    La Ley S.A.

    Executive Vicepresident and CEO 

    Jan 1968 – Sep 1985


    Executive VicePresident and CEO in charge of the whole business management, particularly I moved the company to other markets and countries with strong emphasis in new product development expanding markets and investing in technology

    Papel del Tucuman

    Executive Director and Founder 

    Jan 1970 – Dec 1973


    As the founder I organized a pool of newspapers to back up the whole project with a total investment of 2.5U$SBillions. As Executive Director I was in charge of negotiations for pulp technolog, pulp and paper production, replacement of energy sources at the sugar cane farms, governement participation, IPO, etc

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    1970 – 1970



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    “We are what we repeatedly do.”




    International expansion

    Creative Financing

    International Networks

    Starting up new business

    Latinamerica specialist



    IESE Business School - University of Navarra

    Executive Management General management & lecturing Strategic Marketing 1978 - 1978


    Lectured 5 years Strateguc Marketing at IAE/IESE in Bs. Aires. Attended seminar for Executive Management on Operating Systems at IBM training center in Brussels

    Activities: Jockey Club Bs. Aires, Puerta de Hierro Madrid, Polo Club Barcelona, Arsenal Club Barcelona

    Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina 'Santa María de los Buenos Aires'

    Diploma Finances for Executive Managers 1970 - 1972



    Activities: Debate team

    Universidad de Buenos Aires

    Bachellor in Law Commercial law 1960 - 1965


    Law studies



    Sebastián Barajas Caseny

    Partner at EUROHOLD

    Carlos is a long experienced executive with recognized successes in many business fields. Working with him is always a pleasure for his enthusiasm, buisiness savvy and honesty. I have worked with Carlos as a partner, in Intelectium, and as a service provider (in Metro and Mediasat) and hope I will continue having the chance of making business together in the future.

    Ann Creelman

    Avocat honoraire. Semi-retired - consultant international business and law firm management

    Carlos manages legal work the way it should be managed, pro-actively in providing background understanding, rapid and constructive feedback, and a realistic overall strategic view. Because of his background and experience he has no difficulty understanding even complex legal implications of difficult situations. This makes for efficient use of legal costs and management time.

    Alexander Koeb


    Carlos is definitely the best manager I have ever experienced. Strong leadership, a charismatic personality and multi-cultural skills enable him to run multinational companies with great success. Very good strategic vision combined with result - orientation never let him miss out on a detail. Always finds the right mix between giving objectives, motivating and asking for results. Excellent and trustworthy comunicator both with clients and employees. Let me quote our most important business partner in Italy: "Carlos ha una marcia in più".

    Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira

    Founder & CEO Red Karaoke

    Carlos have also a very good knowledge about technological companies and about the Internet market. Through their own consulting company, Intelectium, he is helping me to build the business plan for Red Karaoke (www.redkaraoke.es, my own company) and to find investors for the project.

    Henry Scott

    President at West Hollywood Media Company Inc.

    I came to know Carlos when I was employed by Metro International S.A. as managing director and publisher of the company’s New York City free daily newspaper. Carlos was responsible for this worldwide company’s publishing operations in Southern Europe and South America, reporting directly to the CEO. He developed a solid reputation as a hands-on manager who ran some of the company’s most profitable operations and was instrumental in its rapid growth throughout the world. In addition to his significant business skills, he is a most charming gentleman.



    Madrid Area, Spain


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